Family and Ministry

Parenting of children has its challenges even without adding the extra aspect of raising TCKs. Our aim is to put resources here that can help you be successful in this task. Please let us know of other topics you would like us to include here.

Balancing Family and Ministry
A collection of links on the internet.

Children as Team Members, by Nick Pauls
The author explores three ways children are a benefit to their parent’s ministry.

Children Traveling Alone Internationally, by TC&E staff and Mark S.
Children can travel alone, but there are certain things to know ahead of time.

Home Leave with Children
This document includes issues to consider when planning a furlough with children. You will need to scroll down to find it.

Issues for Parents of Third Culture Kids by Elsie Purnell
The contents of this article are taken from a letter Elsie wrote to a parent prior to the family’s departure for service in India.

Protecting Our Children — Physical/Moral Protection by Cami Robbins
The author shares her thoughts on growing up herself in Africa and then being a parent to MKs growing up in Africa.

Teaching Financial Principles to Children
Suggested resources to use to teach your children financial principles.

Teenagers in the Village by Pam Gentry
This article looks at the reality of having your teenagers with you in a village allocation. See what things to consider if this fits your situation.

Traveling as a Family: The Ultimate Educational Family Field Trip by Dr. Wayne Lance
Ideas to help children learn through travel taken while travelling in the home country during home assignment.

What My Parents Did Right
Teachers ministering overseas were asked to give their students the above writing topic. Here are the responses from one teacher who traveled around from family to family and tutored the children for a couple of weeks to give Mom a break.

Building Friendships

Developmental Years Shape Kids’ Friendships
How kids make friends at different ages

Friends Forever – a Review by Marti Ahlquist
Friends Forever is the most practical book we’ve found to assist parents in helping their children learn the skills that are part of making and keeping friends. This is the updated version of the authors Good Friends are Hard to Find.

Spiritual Life

Building Family Ties with Faith, Love & Laughter, a summary by Lyn Shingledecker-Wheeler

Praying for TCKs
A printable bookmark and a link to Wycliffe UK’s prayer guide to encourage others to pray for your kids.

Spiritual Protection of our Children, by Ingjerd Evensen
The author tells the story of an incident in the village when God showed his power in the protection of their son.

Book Resources

Making Peace with Change: Navigating Life’s Messy Transitions with Honesty and Grace by Gina Brenna Butz
Change is hard, but Gina Brenna Butz shares how God is working in the difficult times. Instead of resigning ourselves to merely trying to survive change, it is possible to make peace with change.

The Messy Mobile Life by Mariam Navaid Ottimofior
Comprises personal reflection, expert advice, and survey research to help take a family from mess to a life created by design.

Sojourner’s Workbook: A Guide to Thriving Cross-Culturally by Connie Befus
This book helps process the stresses of living cross-culturally.

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