These resources can assist you as you help TCKs navigate their many transitions between cultures. 


Transitions: A Lifelong Process by Lyn Shingledecker-Wheeler 
What are the phases of transition and how can I help my children (and myself) move successfully through transitions being experienced?

Dealing with Transitions - How does mobility, with the transitions TCKs experience as a result, impact who they are?

Creating Smooth Transitions — RAFT - Description of a useful tool to for parents to use to facilitate a smooth transition for their family.

Mobility - Most TCKs have high mobility in their lives. This aspect of mobility is another piece to understanding TCKs.

High School Graduates: Transitioning to North America by Lynée Ward - Suggestions, reflections and comments from previous graduates returning to North America.

Building Friendships

Developmental Years Shape Kids’ Friendships - How kids make friends at different ages

TCKs’ Challenge to Make & Maintain Friendships - TCKs have challenges because of mobility, but they also have some skills they have developed that they can use to make friends.

Friends Forever – a Review by Marti Ahlquist - Friends Forever is the most practical book we’ve found to assist parents in helping their children learn the skills that are part of making and keeping friends. This is the updated version of the author’s Good Friends are Hard to Find.


Books on Transition for Adults

Books on Transition for Children and Youth

Online Transition Resources - These are resources found online outside of our site.

Transitions Resources - On this page you will find a variety of resources to help you work with your children through transitions.