Professional Development

While most of the information contained on the two pages below apply to American teachers, we would welcome information from other countries to add to it. Just write us at the link below.

Why Professional Development?

The Importance of Keeping your Credentials Current

In Pursuit of Growing Competence


Professional Development – Online Graduate Degree Programs

Professional Development – Online, Non-degree, Graduate-Level Programs

Other Professional Development Resources

Annenberg Learner
This site contains workshops/training on the various subjects and grade levels for enriching teaching in the classroom.

This has webinars, online courses, and other resources. Some are free, and some require a membership to ASCD ($49USD/year)

Common Sense Education
This page links to other sites that have teaching resources, such as Teaching Channel, which has videos and discussion questions to use with a group of teachers.

This has variety of topics for professional development. Articles include “Cultivating a Strong Staff Culture,” “Using Video for Professional Development,” and “Teachers Learning from Each Other.” Liking Edutopia’s Facebook page brings snippets of teaching trends and other information.

Learner’s Edge Blog
Some of the more recent blogs include a series on professional learning and “Top 10+ Tech Trends for 2019.”

Teacher Vision
This site lists some online courses such as “Differentiation and the Brain,” “Facilitating Learning for Speakers of Non-Standardized English,” but it also has a wide variety of other professional development topics, such as teaching strategies, assessment, and classroom management.

This page (Top 10 Professional Development Resources for Teachers) links to a variety of others sites with teaching resources.