Transition Resources

Here are some resources to help families with transitions to and from another country. These resources do not address the cross-cultural aspect of such moves as much as how to do the move successfully. 


Family Education Plan
This article deals with planning ahead for your children’s education, taking into account kinds of schooling and furloughs, so that your children are ready for life at the end. There is a chart to help with planning that is below and will need to be downloaded separately if needed.

Helping Children with Moves
This article gives practical suggestions for how to prepare children before a move so that it can be done as successfully as possible.

Through Their Eyes Darkly
This article discusses the challenges of helping one’s children maintain a realistic view of their passport country.

Transitions: A Lifelong Process
This article discusses the phases of transition and lists resources at the end.

Recommended books/resources

Transitions Bibliography
This resource lists recommended books on transition for various ages and includes some websites at the end.

Home Leave with Children
Home Leave with Children is a brochure with suggestions that will help families prepare for the transition to their passport country and back in order to maximize the benefit of the “home country” experience, especially for their children. You can download an electronic version below. Keeping Children in Mind expands one part of the longer document.

Family Activity

Transitions Game

Zipped files of complete resources

Transitions packet – zipped