How Do I Choose?

Overall Factors to Consider When Choosing a Schooling Option
What are some factors parents need to consider when deciding what schooling option to use for their child(ren)?

Age and Starting School
Suggestions for parents thinking about when to start their child in kindergarten/prep in countries where the age of starting school has some flexibility.

Evaluating a Learning Environment
Almost ten major questions with many sub-questions help you as parents in deciding if a particular learning environment is appropriate for your children.

Family Education Plan by Sharon Haag
Children can enhance your ministry — and your ministry situation can enhance the development and growth of your children.

Finding the Best School for Your Child
This article has a series of questions that might be helpful in choosing a school. It is written from a North American perspective… so not all questions may relate to your family’s situation… but it may help you consider things that you haven’t thought about before such as your educational priorities for your child/children.

If we move overseas, what can we do about our children’s education?”
A review of schooling options for kids of ministry workers.

Planning with a Long-Range Perspective
This blog goes over some key questions that parents need to ask themselves as they are planning their children’s education overseas.

World Family Education
Finding the right educational options for your child can be a challenge when you live internationally. World Family Education supports that decision-making process, which is unique to every family. We provide free information, resources, and community to help you find the best schooling choices available while living in another culture.