TCK Online Resources

Please note that the listing of these websites does not indicate endorsement by Global TCK Care & Education. However, if you know of a website that is geared towards TCKs [Third Culture Kids], especially from countries other than the United States, please let us know.

Barnabas International — MUKAPPA and transition seminars

Being a Global Nomad: The Pros and Cons

Cross Cultural Kid — Ruth Van Reken’s blog pages with resources and other information.

Denizen — for third culture kids (Note: these are written from a secular viewpoint)

Educare Publication Educare is published 4 times a year (January, March, June, September) and covers a wide range of third culture issues from preparation of children for cross-cultural living to re-entry to the passport country, boarding to homeschooling and much more. It is available free of charge, to request contact them here.

Global Connections — a list of TCK resources

Interaction International — They provide training, programs, and advocacy for third culture kids and their parents.

TCKidNow — “A home for TCKs”

TCK World — the official home of Dr. Ruth Hill Useem, who first coined the term “Third Culture Kids”