Teaching Math

Teaching Math

Please note that resources and websites mentioned in the articles below may no longer be available.

Estimation, by Dr. Louisa Johnson
Because of its practical use in finding solutions to real-world problems and contributing to mathematical reasoning, estimation is a topic that should never be…

Geometry to Touch, by Ruth Crum
Read "Making Math Visible" first. Does the word “geometry” remind you of memorizing theorems and proofs? Let’s start much younger with…

Making Math Visible, by Ruth Crum (This should be read before "Geometry to Touch")
Did my determination to help kids understand math begin when my eighth grade teacher sarcastically berated Donald for…

Math Manipulatives, by Dr. Louise Johnson
Students presently in the primary grades will spend most of their lives in the twenty-first century. New research findings as to how child learn, as well as technology such as calculators and computers, have made the typical mathematics curriculum studied by their parents outdated.

Math Skills: A Fun Part of School Vacations, by Dr. Louise Johnson
Parents are often concerned that their children’s mathematical progress is hindered by long breaks, whether for…

Middle School Math and the Calculator, by Dr. Louise Johnson
When should a calculator be used in the teaching of math skills?

Reinforcing the Basic Facts—While Learning New Mathematical Concepts, by Dr. Louise Johnson
How can the basic facts be reinforced while learning new mathematical concepts?

Skip Counting by Elvin Klassen
Using skip counting as an important prerequisite in learning multiplication and division concepts.

Teaching Financial Principles to Children
Suggested resources to use to teach your children financial principles.

Links for Math Helps
Websites with activities that might be helpful for your child(ren).

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