Educational Support Organizations

Regional Education Resources around the Globe: 

They provide quality educational services for Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Their core business is to run conferences for expatriate families, providing services in …

SAFE (Services in Asia for Family Education)

They exist to meet the educational needs of many expatriate families living in Asia. They provide important support and targeted services through a network of regional conferences, family consultations, testing services, resource centers, and online resources. (This was formerly known as AERC.)

SHARE Education Services

They help expatriate families living in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia with their children’s education needs. With a caring, compassionate staff of educators and years of international experience, they understand the joys and challenges of raising a family in a cross-cultural environment. They offer help in a variety of areas, including —

Other Educational Resources

PACE (Professional Association of Cross-Cultural Consultants in Education)
They train and equip personnel who provide educational assistance to families serving in international settings. PACE offers TCK education consultants online resources related to key TCK/cross-cultural education topics, as well as opportunities for online interaction on key topics. PACE also offers a certification program through online training for cross-cultural consultants.

Interaction International:
Partners with PACE to provide educational planning seminars for parents to help formulate a plan for your children before moving cross-culturally.

HSLDA International
Information on homeschooling in different countries, help for international homeschoolers, and how to become an international member.

Learnwell Collective
Learnwell partners with families to help their kids thrive. They provide coaching and resources for families around the world.