Academic Achievement & Developmental Assessments

* This is for English-speaking students and uses US-based assessments. We would love to add assessments for other countries if you can send us information.

Developmental Assessments for Ages 0-5.5

Zero to Three: is an organization that works with military a lot – sends emails every 2-3 months with developmental milestones, etc.

ASQ3 (Ages and Stages Questionnaire – Third Edition): screening & assessment for ages 1 – 60 months filled out by parents. Available in English and Spanish. Free webinars available through the website.

Standardized Testing (USA) for school-aged kids

Testing & Evaluation: The Home School Legal Defense Association has a page with links to helpful information as you consider what you want to use for assessing your child(ren)’s educational growth.

These are the most commonly-used achievement tests. Each has a total composite score and subscores. It is recommended that you use the same achievement test each time you test in order to be able to compare the scores. To understand more about testing, a helpful set of questions and answers is available: Some Things Parents Should Know about Testing at 

Ordering of Standardized Testing (USA):

Seton Testing Services:
They have the Iowa, CAT, and TerraNova as well as the requirements for administering the tests.

Bob Jones University Press:
They have the Iowa and Stanford Achievement Tests available. (K-12)
Online assessments for reading and math skills ($25 each); helpful, especially, if wanting to measure skills for beginning/early readers (K-1st); has a separate measure of ‘phonemic awareness’ which ability is basic to being able to learn effectively through phonics instruction. These are diagnostic tests and give parents some ideas on where problems may lie and how to help remediate.