Dual Role of Teacher and Aunt

by Laura Young1

As MK educators, we have a unique situation in which we develop relationships with our students as both “teacher” and “aunt/uncle.” We have the awesome opportunity to be their teacher and pour into them as a beloved “family member” beyond the classroom. Growing up as an MK in Cameroon, Africa, I experienced this myself: I had multiple teachers with who my family spent a lot of time and became like family to us, earning them the name “Aunt ____.”  Now as I serve as a teacher and principal in an MK school, I’m experiencing the other side of that. Below are some practical tips that will help you navigate these special relationships.

As an MK, I felt a special connection to my teachers who were also in ministry like my parents – like they understood where I was coming from. Some MKs will take comfort in knowing that you share similar values to that of their families. While this can be an asset for our MKs, how can we intentionally connect with students who aren’t MKs?

What a privilege it is to be a teacher of MKs and TCKs! The most important and valuable piece of advice I have is to commit your time teaching and your time outside the classroom to the Lord and ask him to give you wisdom and understanding as you interact with the many children he puts in your life.