Resources for Homeschooling Bilingually (Spanish)

Here are some resources for teaching your children in Spanish and English.

Bilingual Together – Spanish Curriculum for 2020 School Year 
Very helpful outline of the Spanish curriculum used by one bilingual family. I was encouraged to find out that Handwriting without Tears is available in Spanish ( a multisensory handwriting program which I highly recommend)

Spanish Mama
Provides testimonies from 5 bilingual homeschooling families as well as places to purchase Spanish homeschool material and free online material. It seems that Spanish Mama herself has begun homeschooling in Peru due to Covid-19, so her resources are those she recently gathered from a variety of Spanish speaking countries including Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala. Free Online Spanish Curriculum

Splanglish Schoolhouse
Has resources in English and Spanish that match and has a blog, written in English, about homeschooling in English/Spanish.

Milestone Books
A place to purchase bilingual curriculum

Teachers Pay Teachers
Another place to purchase bilingual curriculum