Links on Raising Bilingual Children

Bilingual and Multilingual Children: Two Perspectives

Bilingualism in Young Children: Separating Fact from Fiction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Raising Multilingual Children

Language Development for MKs by Dr. Jan Dormer
This author speaks to language learning issues. She tackles the following questions:

Myths about Bilingualism

Pros and Cons of Raising Bilingual Children

Raising Bilingual Children in The Internet TESL Journal

Raising Bilingual Children
This web page is for parents seeking information related to questions about raising children in a bilingual environment.

Raising Bilingual Children: Common Parental Concerns and Current Research
More scholarly article on raising bilingual children and its ramifications (p6)

Raising Bilingual Children: The Different Methods to Success

Raising Bilingual Children: The First Five Steps to Success
Series of articles about raising bilingual children. Not necessarily referring to overseas living.