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School profile detail

School profile for 'Oaxaca Christian School'
Country México
School name Oaxaca Christian School
City 71228 Oaxaca
E-mail ;
Web Site  http://www.oaxacachristianschool.com
Administrator Mrs. Mary Ellen Schrock
Position Interim Principal
Faculty 8+
Grades K-12
Ages 5-18
Number of Students 50±
Tuition Please inquire directly for current rates.
# Boarding None available
School Year Late August to late May.
Sponsoring Organization Parent Board
Year Founded 1970

Curriculum: Two grades are grouped in a classroom, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 as needed. Jr. high and high school curriculum is selected so as to prepare pupils for further education in the English speaking world.

Accreditation ACSI affiliated
Last Revised 2017/11/11